Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen

Developer and Founder at Actionables


Hi 👋 I'm Viet.

I created Actionables to help software developers like me to connect with professional coaches and experienced mentors who can help them navigate the tech industry and grow with compassion.

Before starting Actionables, I was a senior software engineer at Red Hat. In total, my career spans 18 years working with a broad range of software development teams in several industries, from testing database drivers, Docker containers, to building Forex trading platforms.

Between coding sessions, you can find me rock climbing, learning to cook Mediterranean dishes and practicing Spanish.

I’m committed to helping Jr. developers in these difficult times by providing free and low-cost 1-on-1 workshops on general career development, and hands-on help such as open source contribution how-tos, coding problems in Java, Python or Javascript.

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