Melissa Gorris

Melissa Gorris

Mindset, Performance & Integrative Health Coach at radiantlyAlive Health Coaching


Melissa blends her extensive experience and skills delivering complex marketing analytics consulting across a portfolio of Fortune 500 brands, with her dedication as a people leader, passion for coaching and developing high-performance individuals and teams. She pairs her emotional intelligence with mindset strategies to unblock stuck patterns and re-wire clarity and insight. Results include increased levels of motivation, engagement, collaboration, and reaching successful business outcomes. Benefits of more positive, engaged and satisfied employees lead to companies reporting they more than recouped their coaching investment.

Melissa also works with humans to re-define and re-invent their relationship to their own best health & well-being. These individuals continue to deliver high-value contribution at work while feeling more balanced and fulfilled in their whole life. Results include decreased levels of stress, weight loss, better nutrition, and elevated physical and mental activity.

Melissa’s approach is authentic and personalized. She is warm, mindful, curious, and genuinely loves connecting with people to empower them and help them thrive. In her spare time you can find Melissa hiking in the wilderness, cooking plant-based dishes, working out, gardening, and traveling.

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