Why I created Actionables

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I'm excited to launch Actionables.net — a job board to help you find engineering teams that support a culture of generosity.

TLDR; I hope to come up with a tangible way to calculate "generosity" score for engineering teams.

Why I created Actionables?

The Problem

Early in my career, my boss suggested that we start working on a 'work-life' balance exercise. Part of the exercise for me was to come up with a pie chart to help visualize how I prioritize my time and energy.

Work-life balance diagram

While compartmentalization helps putting life priorities into perspective, are work and life really two mutually exclusive pieces of the pie?

The aha moment

Recently, I came across a thought-provoking interview about work-life balance by Adam Grant. According to him, people have a natural inclination to be Givers, Matchers, or Takers.

  • Givers: People who are looking to benefit other people around them.
  • Takers: What can you do for me?
  • Matchers: Most of the time, we are matchers. If I help you, then I expect you to help me.

Like Adam, I was raised by very generous grandparents, who more often than not, put the needs of others before their own. As I aspire to be a giver, I notice a trend — friends, coworkers and bosses whom I admire and enjoy spending time or working with the most, tend to be the generous kind. They're often generous with their time and talents by doing others small favors or by making introductions, and expect nothing in return.

Looking back on my career, I can easily recall those small acts of giving or "microloans" that later had a much larger impact on my career trajectory. For example, I landed interviews and new job opportunities thanks to brief email introductions, not once, but on multiple occasions. As givers, they didn't stop being helpful to others and leave their generosity at home when they went to work (or started the day on Slack).

I created Actionables as a place for us to continue to grow that network of givers, and to connect with engineering teams that support a culture of generosity.

Building a two-sided marketplace is hard. In the longer term, I hope to come up with a quantitative way to calculate "generosity" score for an engineering team.

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