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Founder story

After two decades working at six different companies, from 21-person startup to Fortune 100, I decided to leave the corporate world to work for myself.

I left with lingering questions – Why was my job satisfaction higher with some teams vs others? Why are there coworkers and bosses I would love to work with again in the future?

As I later discovered, some software engineers like myself strive in an environment when people help and lift one another up; a team where superstar engineers are often the most approachable and generous coworkers. We find more meaning in our work when the team's culture is not about "winners-take-all". Wharton professor Adam Grant, through his extensive studies of workplace psychology, describes this personality archetype as  Givers.

I created Actionables as a place for engineering teams to connect with job seekers who identify as Givers. Collectively, we can help one another to be more effective at giving in solving our day-to-day challenges to our impacts to the community in which we live.

This is my first attempt at building a project in public. I'm sharing what I've learned on twitter. Please drop by and say hi!

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Viet Nguyen, Founder
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